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Chronic Kidney Disease and Pets: The Early Detection Advantage

Historically, managing chronic kidney disease (CKD), or chronic renal failure, in pets has been a losing battle. By the time this progressive condition is revealed when pets become visibly ill, 70% of the pet’s kidneys are irreversibly destroyed, rendering many therapies useless or only moderately helpful. Fortunately, modern veterinary innovations and an increased awareness for [...]

Take Aim: 7 Ways to Protect Your Pet During Hunting Season

Whether you’re an avid hunter who spends long hours in a blind or on a boat with your four-legged partner, or an active outdoors person who loves long trails and wagging tails, the following tips and precautions ensure everyone can enjoy a safe, fun, and memorable hunting season in the great Pacific Northwest. #1: Ensure [...]

Signs Your Pet Needs Veterinary Care

You likely marvel at how perceptive your pet is to your feelings. They always seem to know when you are sad and need cuddles. When you talk animatedly, your pet likely starts wagging their tail in excitement. Unfortunately, you can’t always decipher how your pet feels. Most pets instinctually minimize illness and injury, which predators [...]

Allergic Reactions in Pets: A Comprehensive Guide

Pets are not immune to uncomfortable and, in some cases, life-threatening allergic reaction signs. Numerous allergens can trigger a pet’s allergies, and their reaction can vary in severity. The best way to prevent your pet from experiencing a severe allergic reaction is to understand common allergens, know the signs, and provide treatment for your pet [...]

5 Summer Pet Emergencies and Tips to Prevent Them

Seattle summers are wonderful, but seasonal activities and weather conditions can pose a threat to your pet. Our Mercer Street Veterinary Hospital team wants your summer to be enjoyable. Therefore, we describe the conditions and situations that pose a threat to your furry pal and provide tips to help prevent these veterinary emergencies. Summer pet [...]

7 Steps for Safe Tick Removal from Pets

Does the thought of a tick crawling through your pet’s fur make your skin, well, crawl? Discovering one of these bloodsucking parasites on your four-legged friend can be revulsive, but ticks can cause so much more than a cold chill down your spine. A single tick bite can transmit multiple pathogens that can lead to [...]

3 July Fourth Dangers for Pets

While July Fourth is meant for food, fireworks, and fun, the holiday can pose several serious threats to your pet’s mental and physical health. Many of the activities we enjoy—and want to include our pets in—can result in toxicity, organ failure, or trauma. Fortunately, you can protect your four-legged friend from the many dangers in [...]

Stop Scratching! 5 Reasons Why Your Pet is Itchy

Is your pet’s constant irritation that causes non-stop itchiness and scratching making them feel miserable and you feel helpless? Excessive itching (i.e., pruritus) is one of the most common reasons why owners bring their pets to the veterinarian. This unrelenting problem can interrupt daily life and cause a cascade of unpleasant side effects, including secondary [...]

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