Stop Scratching! 5 Reasons Why Your Pet is Itchy

Is your pet’s constant irritation that causes non-stop itchiness and scratching making them feel miserable and you feel helpless? Excessive itching (i.e., pruritus) is one of the most common reasons why owners bring their pets to the veterinarian. This unrelenting problem can interrupt daily life and cause a cascade of unpleasant side effects, including secondary [...]

8 Pet Heartworm Do’s and Don’ts

Mosquito bites are itchy and annoying to humans, but did you know they can do worse to your pet by transmitting a heartworm infection? Heartworms live in your pet’s heart and lungs, where they can cause serious and permanent damage. However, monthly prevention medications can not only protect your pet from heartworm infections, but are [...]

When Minutes Matter: In-House Veterinary Diagnostics

When your pet is sick, you don’t want to wait days for test results, or travel to another clinic for answers. While some pets will still need a referral for specialized care or advanced imaging, our Mercer Street Veterinary Hospital team has a full in-house diagnostic suite at their disposal that allows faster diagnosis and [...]

Feline Arthritis—Uncover Your Cat’s Hidden Pain

If cats could talk, they wouldn’t. - Nan Porter You are not privy to every aspect of your cat’s complex internal life—one reason your feline friend is so intriguing. Unfortunately, your cat’s secrets may also cause them unnecessary suffering and pain. According to experts, more than 60% of cats older than 6 years of age [...]

Safe and Sound—How to Pet-Proof Your Home

If you’ve recently adopted a pet or are preparing to welcome home a new bundle of fur, you’ll need to take special precautions to ensure their new home is safe and healthy. Read our Mercer Street Veterinary Hospital team’s pet-proofing guide to learn how to protect your four-legged friend from common household hazards.  Pet-proofing is [...]

9 Ways to Stay Active with Your Pet

Activity and exercise are important for humans’ and pets’ physical and mental fitness. Exercise boosts feel-good, pain-dulling compounds, helps maintain a healthy weight, and can prevent or treat behavior problems, but getting enough—especially in bad weather—can be a challenge. The Mercer Street Veterinary Hospital team offers a few ideas to help you keep your pet [...]

Understanding Professional Pet Dental Cleanings

Cats and dogs eat diets similar to humans, and their teeth are prone to the same disease and decay process that can quickly take place without professional care. Imagine if you only sporadically brushed your teeth and never visited the dentist—you’d likely be in a lot of pain in a short time. Likewise, most pets [...]

Pet Vaccination 101

Vaccinations are central to your pet’s overall wellness by preventing serious or fatal diseases and helping pets live longer, healthier lives. Each vaccine is considered core or non-core—all pets need the core vaccines, but only pets with certain lifestyle and risk factors need the non-core vaccines. These vaccine options can be confusing, but Mercer Street [...]

6 Ways to Show Your Pet Love

February marks a holiday that many hate and others adore—Valentine’s Day. When you have pets, you don’t have to worry about celebrating with a significant other—instead, you can show your pet your love and how much you care. Here is the Mercer Street Veterinary Hospital team’s list of ways to show your pet love on [...]

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