Plants & Your Dog

Some houseplants, flowers, and other plants can make you cat very ill or even be deadly. Here’s a list of the ones to avoid, and the ones that are ok if you have a canine in the family.

Toxic to Dogs:

Alocasia Elephant Ears Mum
Aloe Eucalyptus Narcissus
Amaryllis Fiddle Leaf Fig Nasturtium
Apple plant (including seeds) Foxglove Nightshade
Apricot Hyacinth Octopus Tree
Azalea Garlic Oleander
Begonia Geranium Onion
Bergamot Orange Gladiola Orange
Bird of Paradise Grapefruit Oregano
Black Cherry Holly Ornamental Pepper
Borage Hydrangea Peony
Buckwheat Hemp Philodendron
Calla Lily Iris Plum
Carnation Jade plant Poinsettia
Chamomile Laurel Pothos
Chinese Jade Lavender Purslane
Chives Leek Rhododendron
Chrysanthemum Lemon Rhubarb
Clematis Lemon Grass Sorrel
Coffee Tree Lemon verbena St. John’s Wort
Corn plant Lilies (all varieties) Sweet Pea
Daffodil Lime Taro
Dahlia Marijuana Tobacco
Daisy Marjoram Tomato plant
Day Lilies Milkweed Tulip
Dieffenbachia Mint Wisteria
Dracaena Morning Glory
Easter Lily Mother of Millions

Non-Toxic to Dogs:

Acorn Squash Chervil Lady Slipper
African Daisy Chestnut Lipstick Plant
African Violet Christmas Cactus Maranta
Aluminum Plant Cilantro Old Man Cactus
American Rubber Plant Cinnamon Oregon Grape
Baby’s Breath Dill Parlor Palm
Baby’s Tears Fennel Ponytail Palm
Bamboo Garden Marigold Prayer Plant
Banana Gerber Daisy Rabbits Foot Fern
Basil Gherkins Stevia
Beets Haworthia Strawberry
Begonia (Red, Trailing Watermelon) Hens & Chicks Sunflower
Black Walnut Hibiscus Thyme
Burro’s Tail Hoya Hindu Rope Cantaloupe
Butternut Squash Hollyhock Umbrella Plant
Buzzy Lizzie Honeydew Melon Zinnia
Calathea Impatiens Zucchini Squash
Carob Jasmine
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